by Jamie Alvarenga

What Was Discovered At This Abandoned Mansion In Maryland Is Truly Incredible

You never know what’s hiding in the wooded areas of the Old Line State. This unique abandoned mansion in Maryland was discovered by urban explorer and Youtube user Your purkz. The discovery by an urban explorer makes this mansion even more exciting, it’s a slice of abandoned MD that was totally unknown until Your purkz stumbled across it. Using both a drone and handheld video camera, he captures all the details of the mysterious mansion. If you think this structure looks intriguing from the outside, just wait until you see what was found inside.

Located in Boyds, this weathered mansion sits overlooking Seneca Lake.Youtube / Your purkzEven from a distance and viewed from a drone, there's an eeriness to this abandoned structure. Alone in the woods, it looks like a haunted house your parents would warn you never to go to.
A closer look reveals the unique architecture of this derelict building. You can tell it was once a stunning place.Youtube / Your purkzThe large home and property could indicate that it was once owned by a wealthy family, or perhaps it was a summer home given its proximity to Seneca Lake. Either way, you can imagine a time when this property would have been alive with people, and well loved.
Several things still remain at the property, including classic cars...Youtube / Your purkzIt turns out that it wasn't just the building that was abandoned. It's almost like the owners just up and disappeared one day, leaving all their belongings behind them.
This scale was left behind as well.Youtube / Your purkzWhat happened to the original owners? Who technically owns the property now and will they ever do anything to revitalize it? We may never know the answers to these questions.
Clothing, and more was also left in the home. These items give the inside of the mansion a more personalized touch and make you wonder what the people who lived there were like ...Youtube / Your purkz... or where they went! This abandoned house in Riverdale is starting to feel like an otherworldly, creepy scene from Riverdale the TV show.

You can watch the full video of this amazing place below.

Oddly enough, at one point this mansion and its land were for sale and could be yours for the price of $895,000. Really! The listing tells us that the home was built in 1872 and contains 3,342 square feet of living space and one bathroom, but not much else.

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