Babe Ruth Birthplace & Museum
216 Emory Street

Baltimore, MD 21230



Fans will be able to see some pieces from the 1970 Colts team as the Ravens host the AFC Championship this weekend at the Babe Ruth Museum. 

In 2024, the Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum will celebrate it's 50th Anniversary. Since 1974, the Birthplace has been a pilgrimage site for baseball fans, a center for tourism and community pride, a historically significant landmark, and a tangible connection to our shared heritage.

The Babe Ruth Birthplace Foundation, Inc. is an independent, not-for-profit educational institution dedicated to perpetuating the historic legacy of Babe Ruth, Baltimore’s Orioles, Ravens and Colts, and local and regional sports at the amateur, collegiate and professional levels, by preserving, exhibiting, interpreting and augmenting its collection for a diverse audience.

To implement its mission, the Museum:

  • Provides entertaining cultural and educational experiences through dynamic exhibits and programs at the Babe Ruth Birthplace Museum
  • Preserves, maintains and commemorates the historic significance of its facilities
  • Contributes to the economic development of the region with a prominent visitor destination point
  • Provides effective, dynamic community outreach
  • Encourages scholarly research by maintaining a comprehensive library and archives

O” Say Can You See: The Star Spangled Banner in Sports

“O” Say Can you See: The Star Spangled Banner in Sports, was created by the Babe Ruth Birthplace Foundation in cooperation with the city-wide effort to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812 and the battle of Fort McHenry in September, 1814. The film employs a new technology that projects images onto multiple surfaces creating a high-tech film experience. The film concludes with a composite rendition of the Banner, featuring bits of the song as performed by various artists and bands at sporting events.

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