Maryland Will Pay You to Catch, Kill &


Anglers are already encouraged to kill the invasive fish whenever they catch one. Now they can make some beer money for their trouble


    An angler holds up a dead snakehead back at the boat ramp. Photo submitted to Maryland DNR by Josh Trenary

    Want to get paid to fish? If so, make your way to Maryland, where wildlife officials have instituted a new “fish for cash” program in an effort to get a more accurate count of northern snakeheads in Chesapeake Bay.

    Together with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources just launched a tagging program that incentivizes anglers to catch, kill, and report northern snakehead fish. The agency has long tried to repress the spread of the invasive species throughout the state by encouraging anglers to kill and keep every snakehead they catch, and by asking them to report any snakeheads caught outside the Potomac River and its tributaries. This is just the first time that the DNR has actually paid them to do so.

    The program differs from other state-run wildlife bounty programs in that anglers will only get paid for catching and reporting tagged snakeheads. Fisheries managers with the DNR have already placed yellow and blue tags on 250 fish in the Blackwater River and Chesapeake Bay


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