This Unique Rail Biking Experience In Maryland Belongs On Your Bucket List

By Jamie Alvarenga

Believe it or not… railroad tracks aren’t just for trains anymore. You can find rail biking around the country at a few select spots, and now this fun activity has come to Maryland as well. Tracks and Yaks in Frostburg Maryland is a unique excursion that is both scenic and exhilarating. If you ask me, you should try it at least once. Read on for the details below and plan to go rail biking in Maryland soon.

You'll find the company known as Tracks and Yaks in Frostburg, Maryland. This company offers rail bike excursions, and other outdoorsy adventures, too.Tracks and Yaks / Facebook
The rail bikes can accommodate up to four riders. There are two rail biking tours available -- a 10-mile tour that offers a shuttle ride on the way back, and a 15-mile tour where you can ride an actual train back to the
No matter which rail biking tour you choose, you're in for a whole lot of scenery.Tracks and Yaks/Facebook
Enjoy the sprawling mountain scapes...Tracks and Yaks / Facebook

Also, there is no need to worry about oncoming trains. These tracks are only used when local trains are not on the rails.Tracks and Yaks / Facebook
Looking for something different? Tracks and Yaks also offers bike tours through Great Allegheny Passage...Tracks and Yaks / Facebook
...and kayak excursions as well. How scenic!Tracks and Yaks / Facebook
Check out the Tracks and Yaks website linked below to learn more and to plan a unique day trip this June through

Wanna see what it’s like to ride a rail bike? Check out this YouTube video by 777aterial showing a quick glimpse of this unique experience.

Learn more about rail biking in Maryland (and the other activities Tracks and Yaks offers) by visiting the official Tracks and Yaks website. You can also follow the Tracks and Yaks company on Facebook.

Who Are Tracks & Yaks?

Tracks and Yaks was founded by Adam Forshee and his wife, Julie. Their love for the outdoors and new experiences led them to rail biking. With years of research and several road trips, they were inspired to offer rail bike tours in Maryland and wanted nothing more than to share this unique experience with others who come to the area. Come enjoy this special activity and have a one-of-a-kind experience that we hope you will remember for a lifetime.
We welcome you to our first location in Frostburg, MD, and hope you enjoy your ride!

Enjoy the great outdoors and the beauty of this historic railway

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